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Pros and cons of buying a house

We often tend to think that sooner or later the purchase of a house is mandatory. “Having a roof over your head” is a way of saying that you need the certainty that whatever happens you will always have a place to live and to be able to call in the true sense of the word: home.

However, it is not certain that buying can be better than staying on rent, both housing solutions can have both positive and negative connotations. Choosing whether to buy a property or stay on rent, in fact, can vary according to the needs, so buying a house should not be an obligatory choice but a deliberate decision also according to one’s economic and working conditions.

Why choose to stay for rent?

One thing is certain everyone needs a home, but is rent really an enemy to escape from? In reality, even living in a rented house has positive aspects.

By choosing to live in rent, you can have several advantages, mainly from a credit point of view.

Often when you choose to take out a mortgage or buy a house with cash, you can limit your investment capacity.

If you have future projects that involve the investment of large amounts, taking out a mortgage or in any case depriving yourself of your savings will consequently preclude your investment capacity. In fact, when you take out a mortgage you make an investment in the property, then the banks will find it difficult to grant you large amounts again to be able to pay other types of projects. In this case, by paying the rent you can choose instead to invest your money differently.

One of the positive aspects of renting is the possibility of moving home whenever you want and you can choose with a light heart to leave to change jobs, because you have obtained a promotion, or because you have fallen in love with someone who lives abroad or in another city. The events of life are changeable and everything can change from one day to the next.

You will think at most if you buy a house and have to move, you can always resell it. In reality, however, it can take a long time to sell a house, moreover, if the real estate market is in a moment of crisis, you would risk selling the house at too low a price, finally if you are paying the mortgage, you might not fully cover it with the sale of the house and you would risk having to pay the mortgage and the rent of a new house together.

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Better to rent or buy a house

Moreover, the rent in spite of the mortgage can better suit your finances, in fact you can live in a more modest and less expensive house if the salary does not allow you to spend a lot, on the contrary you can choose to live in beautiful houses by paying a lot of rent high, but still less expensive than what it would cost to buy a luxury home.

Buying a house is convenient? The pros of buying a property

Buying a house is an investment, once investing in the brick was one of the best options you had, because this would remain forever and unchanging over time, also investing in the purchase of a house, you could have something to leave to the their children and grandchildren.

Buying a home can be a good use of your money, especially if you think about your future and if you want to have a place that really belongs to you forever. When you opt for the purchase of your first home, you have the possibility to modify every single aspect of your home at will, you can choose to do what you want without having to ask the property owner’s permission as when you are renting.

Having your own home will bring the certainty in your life that whatever happens, you will always have a place to live and from which no one can send you away. In fact, when you live in rent, gives one day to the next, the owner could send you an eviction letter, or maybe he will decide to sell the property and in both cases, within a period of six months, you will have to leave your house in dense and find another.

Choosing to buy your first home will lead you to consider your priorities and your life plans, if you already have a family, a partner or if you have a steady job that you don’t intend to leave. Or if you are sure you do not want to live anywhere else in the world, buying a house will certainly be more profitable than a whole life in the same place.

Doubt first home, what are the costs of the mortgage? First home purchase bonus

Doubts about the first home are common to everyone, because when looking for a house the first consideration to make is how much will it cost me? Will I be able to get the mortgage? Will I be able to pay it?

All these doubts are destabilizing, but it is still possible to be able to make some simple accounts, before affixing the loan request to the bank.