Prestigious properties

In the hearts of people, the house occupies a privileged place and each of us has the dream of living in a special place. Certainly you have to deal with your own financial resources, but when you think about luxury estate and the luxury properties market (luxury properties and prestigious properties), the high standard of living is not necessarily the only aspect to consider, in how much is a set of factors that can make the impossible possible.

So if you are thinking of buying a prestigious property or how to sell a luxury home, you will need to have the right attitude and know the environment in which you move. This real estate sector represents a particular market niche that has its own characteristics and out of the ordinary.

Prestigious real estate and luxury homes

In order for a prestigious house to be considered a prestigious property, it must meet a series of requirements that are also used from the legislative point of view in terms of cadastral value.

The importance of a careful real estate valuation for the sale of prestigious properties is therefore essential to be sure that what we are buying meets these criteria. Furthermore, to dispel uncertainties, always rely on professionals in the sector who know the subject and will be able to direct you to the right choice in the most correct way after a careful real estate estimate.

When we talk about buying prestigious properties we refer to period houses, villas, penthouses and apartments in prestigious contexts, of historical or landscape importance. The floor area must be equal to or greater than 160 square meters excluding terraces, cellars, attics, stairs and parking spaces.

For the aesthetic aspect, on the other hand, we will consider the architectural characteristics and the finishes that must be made with prestigious materials. Obviously, the presence of surrounding land is also decisive. This occurs when, for example, the value exceeds that of the existing property by at least one and a half times.

Knowing the right cadastral position of the property we are interested in is essential to deal with the fiscal and legislative aspects that regulate it with serenity. It is good to know that many benefits attributed to homes that are part of the normal real estate context lapse when our home is considered luxury. This is why it is important to know what the perimeter of action is, especially if we have to deal with banks to access credit.

How to choose the right home for us

The luxury real estate market uses a lot of the emotional aspect to be able to hit the right customer target. After all, dream homes are being sold, so it is important to strike the imagination of the potential buyer who will have to feel part of that atmosphere. This aspect is very well taken care of by the real estate agencies in the sector, which use home staging as a fundamental method for selling prestigious properties.

Being inspired by what we see is therefore absolutely correct, because it will give us the right determination to realize our desires. However, it is necessary to combine our enthusiasm with a full awareness of the practical aspects that are in place in the context of prestigious properties.

For example, we may have the dream of living in the countryside outside the chaos of the city. Yet, we must consider how effectively it is possible to reconcile this choice with our work; the distances to be covered in everyday life; services useful to our needs, how much will we manage to manage everything in the long term?

If we choose a prestigious property as a first home we must first consider that we will have to live there and this inevitably leads to smoothing some corner of everyday life to ensure that our lifestyle and the chosen house can match as much as possible.

Size matters too: we may in fact be attracted to infinite sizes but we must be sure that they will be inhabited! Managing a house with many rooms and large spaces is not a simple task, so we should know if we are able to offer it the maintenance it deserves even trivially, from the point of view of ordinary cleaning. You will need to enjoy your kingdom with peace of mind, so taking the time to carefully plan your purchase will make all the difference.

Extraordinary maintenance and the age of the house

If you are a lover of period houses, these are certainly the most delicate to manage, especially with regard to renovations and maintenance. When your home fits into an important historical context, very often you also have to interface with the Archaeological, Fine Arts and Landscape Superintendence.

The renovations must therefore comply with the criteria established for Prestigious Properties and the costs are certainly not contained. Therefore, if you are not very familiar with the artistic value of the houses it is better to move towards more modern structures. Usually these are proposed already renewed, just to be able to be sold at best, and so that they do not present excessive criticalities in maintenance.

For example, it will not be possible to renovate a building with an Art Nouveau facade, as there are many in the picturesque district, with contemporary elements. It will be necessary to stick to the style and historical period in which the house was initially conceived. This involves not only a significant economic outlay but also the need to make use of professionals who are able to make the right changes.

Dream homes, where and how to find them

The channels for selling luxury properties and buying luxury homes are varied. The web offers numerous sites of specialized real estate agencies and there are numerous magazines and blogs dedicated to the subject. Beautiful houses are an attraction for all to see and it is easy to find entire reports even on generic photography sites, precisely because they yield a lot in terms of views.

If instead you want to stop dreaming to make your desire a reality, first of all it is essential to choose the right agency that has adequate experience in a niche sector such as luxury.