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How to Find a House For Rent

It happens to everyone sooner or later that we have to leave our family to find a new home: work, the desire for independence, study, marriage… There are many reasons that push us to find a new home and look for a house in rent because, especially in the current times, it is not easy to access a mortgage and bear the costs. But is it really that easy to find a house for rent ? Unfortunately, this is not always the case and, if you are also looking for a new home, we will try to give you some useful tips for choosing your new home.

How to find a house for rent: practical tips

Choose the area

To find your new home for rent, the first step is to have a clear idea of ​​the area you would like to live in. Once you have identified the place where you want to settle, go and visit it to see if it matches your expectations.

In fact, the choice of the house to rent is also based on issues relating to its position with respect to the city center: usually, the further an apartment is located from the center, the lower its rent will be. However, this is not always a valid rule because it may happen that very high rents are required for some areas for various reasons (services, shops, proximity to the sea, nearby shopping center, etc.).

Furnished or not?

Another parameter to consider before renting a house is to decide whether to look for a furnished apartment or not. The first solution is obviously indicated if you do not have furniture or if you do not intend to buy new ones because, perhaps, you want to rent only for a short period. An unfurnished house, on the other hand, is the preferred choice of those looking for stable accommodation or already owning furniture; in the latter case, of course, the rental price will be lower.

Evaluate the ancillary costs

When looking for a house to rent, it is very important to inquire about the accessory costs of the apartment, first of all the condominium and the heating which, if autonomous, will obviously be excluded from the condominium expenses and must be paid separately.

Among the ancillary costs you will also need to assess the presence of humidity in the rooms, the state of the plumbing and electrical system, the need for any interventions to improve the security of the apartment, such as the installation of grates on the windows or an armored door. It is important not to underestimate the extra expenses because unexpected events are always around the corner and nothing should be left to chance. Therefore, consider whether you are able to support ordinary and extraordinary utilities such as the supply of electricity and / or gas, internet, public transport costs (including season tickets and special rates), etc.

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Analyze your entire budget

We are not referring only to the monthly rental costs or the deposit, but also to those necessary to move you into your new home. Evaluate well the management costs that will involve taking possession of the apartment, such as, for example, the transport and packaging of the furniture, the first hygienic and food expenses for refueling, the costs for the possible purchase of crockery, textiles, etc..

Check the apartment carefully before renting it

If you have found the rental house that you dreamed of so much, remember to check the whole apartment carefully and have an expert accompany you if possible.

At the time of the visit, the time available to you to look at the house may be short and therefore you must take the opportunity to ask the owner all the important information. In order not to miss anything, it would be good to write down all the most important questions and a list of things to check. What state are the electrical systems in? Do they work perfectly? What is the condition of the window frames? Often if not properly maintained they could cause heat leaks with consequent increases in the bills. Is the heating autonomous or centralized? How is the neighborhood?

Analyze well all the pros and cons that the house can offer you

This is a fundamental rule, valid whether you want to settle in the new rented house for a long time or for a short period. Are you able to bear the costs of any deposits and monthly payments? Are the rooms in the apartment sufficient or are they spacious enough for you and / or your family? Is the presence of an elevator essential?

Read the whole contract

The lease is a very important information document, but many people read it only partially and sometimes even look at it in the rush to move immediately without too many problems. For this reason, arm yourself with holy patience and try to read every single note well so as not to find yourself tomorrow having to face unpleasant surprises. If you are not sure about the lease, ask for the opinion of an expert, or ask colleagues and friends for an opinion: there are always those who have already had an experience similar to yours. Finally, contact the homeowner if there is any point that is not clear to you or that you would like to change: it is in the interest of both to agree on every point of the contract.


Finally, remember not to make any payment as a deposit without first having seen the house and without the owner giving you the keys. Then check the tenant’s identity through the various social networks, because prudence is never too much!

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