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What to Look For When Viewing a House to Rent

what to look for when viewing a house to rentRenters and landlords who are considering renting a house should carefully evaluate several key areas before signing a rental lease agreement. Using this checklist as your guide will help ensure the property meets your expectations and needs.

Find out which utilities are included or whether you will be responsible for paying them (similar to apartment complexes). Inquire whether the lease agreement is year-long or month-to-month.

1. Parking

Renting a house requires different considerations than renting an apartment, so it’s essential that you are aware of everything to take into account so as to avoid overlooking anything essential.

Starting by making a list of your “must-haves”, and then considering where you might make concessions. This will help narrow down the options and save time touring properties that don’t meet your requirements.

Consider driving or walking through your prospective neighborhood both day and night to gain a feel for what life might be like in this location and gauge its safety level.

2. Storage

Renters and homebuyers alike may become so excited about signing a lease contract that they overlook crucial details. To help tenants and landlords understand what they should inspect properties for prior to renting them out, this checklist has been provided below as a useful way of inspections properties before renting them out.

Be sure to inspect your property at different times – ideally both during daylight hours and at night, in order to identify potential problems. Make sure there is ample storage space in cupboards and wardrobes, especially if bulky items such as surfboards or skis need to be stored; inquire as to whether access is available to a shed or boiler cupboard for additional storage needs.

3. Space

When viewing a property, it’s essential to take into account key elements like space. This involves evaluating how much storage there is in the property and whether it meets your lifestyle requirements. Elements like having enough room for a study area or fitting all your clothes comfortably into one wardrobe could make or break your overall satisfaction with it. Also take note of internet speed and neighbour relationships before making your final decision.

4. Kitchen

An efficient kitchen is essential to modern living, so a stove that fails to heat evenly or a fridge that fails to keep food cold are issues you should inspect during viewings and walkthroughs of rental properties. Furthermore, turn on faucets to test water pressure and look out for leaks in sinks or bathrooms as well as assess bedroom comfort and functionality – small issues like lack of wardrobe space and ineffective lighting may easily go overlooked but should be considered for an uninterrupted night’s rest.

5. Bathroom

Verifying that the bathrooms and all fixtures are functioning can seem obvious, but it’s worthwhile confirming their functionality during a walkthrough. A broken shower head or malfunctioning faucet might not seem like major concerns during a tour but could quickly become major headaches once you move in. You should also ensure there are smoke alarms installed throughout the property on every level – these should be placed inside each sleeping room as well as throughout every level and asking your landlord about recent maintenance work they have performed on these devices is also recommended.

6. Furnishings

Many rental properties come furnished, while others do not. When viewing a property, make sure you ask what furnishings are included if not indicated in the listing, and don’t assume what storage space may exist.

Check that drawers and cupboards close properly, leaving enough space for furniture, as well as having enough light switches and power points to meet your needs. Also ensure there are sufficient heating/air-con systems, flush toilets regularly and test shower/washing machine facilities.

Viewing houses to rent or buy can be intimidating for tenants and homebuyers who are unfamiliar with the process, but knowing what to look out for can make your experience less stressful and potentially more enjoyable.

7. Security

By taking the time to ask questions before viewing potential rental homes, taking the time to ask questions can help eliminate any ambiguities after moving in. Clarifying key details such as utilities, yard work or lease clauses before viewing homes for rent may make the renting experience much smoother.

As soon as you arrive at a property, it’s crucial that you assess its security system to provide peace of mind and deter intruders from entering your home. Also worth investigating is its internet signal strength as this may be essential when streaming TV programs and working from home.

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