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Ways To Get Free Grants for Solar Panels in Scotland in 2023

As energy costs increase and global climate concerns mount, more households are opting to generate their own green electricity using solar panels. Homeowners in Scotland who qualify can be awarded free grants for solar panels in Scotland from the government’s ECO 4 scheme.

Warmer Homes Scotland provides funding to homeowners to make their home warmer and lower energy costs, including an energy audit, a home energy survey, and recommendations for energy-saving improvements such as renewables like solar.

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Grants for Solar Panels in Scotland

There are various companies, funded by the Scottish government, who can provide advice and support to homeowners looking to increase the energy efficiency of their home. They offer both grants for solar panels in Scotland (money that doesn’t need to be repaid) and interest-free loans that cover a range of measures that improve energy efficiency, such as solar panel installation.

Homeowners in Scotland who receive certain benefits may qualify for free or discounted solar panels, including state pensioners, income support claimants, and those receiving universal credit or housing supplement benefits. The amount of funding available depends on factors like insulation levels in their property and energy efficiency ratings. The Warmer Homes Scotland scheme can offer additional funding options for insulation upgrades and boiler replacement.

ECO 4 Scheme grants are another grant option available to households that are experiencing high electricity bills or reside in properties rated EPC Bands D–G. This grant can help fund insulation, replacement heating systems, and renewable energy solutions such as solar panels, as well as be used by both owner-occupants and private landlords alike.

The Energy Cost Saving (ECO4) Scheme is part of the UK government’s Green Deal initiative and designed to assist Scottish households in reducing energy costs by making their homes more energy efficient. The Green Deal includes measures that can help increase energy efficiency in your home while decreasing carbon emissions. Available to both landlords and homeowners, the scheme can be combined with other government schemes like ECO4 to create greater savings potential.

ECO4 also provides funding for energy efficiency upgrades like heat pumps and insulation, as well as renewable energy systems like solar. The programme is available to all homeowners in Scotland as well as landlords renting their property; it runs from 2022–2026, with applicants being able to submit applications either online or over the phone; third parties such as installers and letting agents are not permitted to submit on behalf of their clients. Energy companies will send applicants a personalised link after discussing plans with them and agreeing on a plan.


The ECO4 scheme provides funding for energy efficiency upgrades that can help lower electricity bills while decreasing your carbon footprint. It’s an important way that the government meets its carbon emissions targets while helping families deal with high energy bills. Money from this scheme may be spent installing insulation, heating systems, solar panels, or alternative renewable sources of energy.

The Energy Company Obligations Scheme was devised to provide energy-efficient measures to households with lower incomes in an attempt to improve living conditions and alleviate fuel poverty. Funded by the UK government, energy suppliers are required to fulfil a portion of their obligation through Local Authority Flexible Energy (LA Flex), making funding more readily accessible.

Homeowners in Scotland who qualify for ECO4 grants can receive up to £9,000 as financing towards energy-saving improvements such as solar panels and heating systems. Eligibility depends on household income and energy efficiency rating; households in bands F and G tend to benefit most from the scheme; however, the rules relating to eligibility may change, so homeowners should consult their installer for more details.

As well as cutting energy costs, solar power systems can also protect the environment and enhance the health of your family. The ECO4 scheme offers various energy efficiency measures, including solar PV panels, insulation, and heating systems, in order to lower electricity bills. It is open both to homeowners and landlords, with some programmes even catering to people on lower incomes.

Anderson Energy Projects can assist in determining whether you qualify for the ECO 4 scheme. We are one of Scotland’s premier providers of energy-efficient solutions, with our expert team on hand to answer all of your queries and find you an appropriate solar solution. Get in touch today for more details about our services!

Warmer Homes in Scotland

Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland (HEEPS) provide financial support to assist Scottish households in staying warm and lowering fuel bills by improving energy efficiency in their home, such as draft-proofing, insulating, replacing boilers, or making other improvements. Their website offers advice about selecting approved installers as well as funding claims procedures; events, roadshows, or webinars may also take place throughout Scotland.

Warmer Homes Scotland has been running since 2015, offering heating and insulation assistance to eligible homeowners and private rented sector tenants who meet eligibility criteria. In addition, this scheme aims to make properties more sustainable through renewables and microgeneration.

Apply for either a grant or interest-free loan to cover the costs of their improvements; extra funding may be made available in rural areas. Maximum grants amounting to PS7,500 in urban areas or PS9,000 in rural ones can be used towards energy-saving measures like draft proofing, cavity wall insulation, and central heating systems; each improvement is supported by the Scottish government and funded through an approved lender.

Warmer Homes Scotland provides grants as well as geographically targeted schemes run by local councils that aim to assist social housing tenants as well as private landlords alike. Please be aware that funding availability varies, so be sure to visit their website prior to applying.

However, the company responsible for overseeing this scheme has been accused of subpar workmanship and leaving homes in disarray. Numerous customers have complained of exposed copper piping and unfinished insulation work, but regardless of this criticism, the company insists they make every effort to rectify issues as soon as they arise. It should be noted that funding for any home improvements already completed cannot be provided as these works must be managed by an approved installer. This can present major barriers for those unable to pay upfront for home improvement works, which is why the government developed the ECO4 scheme to offer loans and interest-free loans so more people could access funding to improve their homes and make their lives better.

Solar Buyback

Solar panels have become an increasingly popular choice in Scotland as people strive to reduce energy bills and improve the environment. Their popularity has driven demand, while costs continue to decrease with constant improvements and lower material costs. While initial installation costs may be prohibitive for some homeowners, grants exist that offer assistance ranging from free solar panels to interest-free loans.

Some of the best-known schemes in Scotland provide grants and loans to households struggling to pay their energy bills. Their goal is to make homes warmer and cheaper to run by installing energy-saving measures like heating and insulation improvements, as well as renewable heating systems like heat pumps, which generate green electricity while simultaneously cutting carbon emissions.

An alternative option is applying for grants through the Energy Company Obligation’s ECO 4 scheme, which offers grants to encourage energy efficiency improvements in Scotland. You can find this programme online through their government website; their helpful tool will enable you to determine whether you qualify.

Warmer Homes Scotland also provides funding to Scottish homeowners looking to make their homes more energy-efficient, including measures such as installing heat pumps or solar panels. While this programme may help cover some costs associated with energy-saving measures such as these, you will still be required to cover some portion yourself.

Scottish Energy Grants (SEG) offers a rebate on the cost of installing renewable energy systems—up to 40% of their total installation costs! This rebate can provide people on low incomes with an easier transition into living more sustainably.

It is key when applying for a Scottish Energy Grant that you work with an MCS-approved installer to maximise its benefits and find peace of mind knowing the work will be carried out by someone with experience and qualifications.

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