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Choosing the Right Kitchen Worktop in Your Glasgow Home

Worktops are the focal point of any kitchen, so choosing a kitchen worktops and splashbacks should look good and be durable. From laminates to more costly stone options, here’s everything you need to know about selecting an aesthetically pleasing yet practical surface for your home.

Granite is a tough and resilient natural material with contemporary matte finishes and excellent heat resistance properties.

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Wood worktops offer an earthy charm to the kitchen. Available in an array of styles, from light to dark, these worktops can add natural warmth. Oak, ash, and walnut are some of the more popular choices; oak stands out with its resistance to high temperatures and moisture as well as looking classy. Mahogany worktops feature staves connected together into one continuous surface for rustic charm or lacquered finishes for modern elegance.

Wood worktops need regular oiling in order to remain beautiful and in great condition. Linseed or Danish oil can help protect surfaces from water and bacteria damage to prevent their grain patterns from becoming visible. You can easily tell when your worktop requires re-oiling by conducting the water test: drop some drops onto its surface and observe whether they form beadlets; if not, it may be time for another coat of linseed oil!

Pros of Wood Worktops: Scientific tests show that wooden surfaces are naturally antibacterial, making them ideal for people concerned about germs in the kitchen. Versatile: wooden worktops can be shaped to suit any design or layout; suitable for many different sink types (undermounted and inset sinks included); strong enough to withstand knocks that would damage more fragile materials like quartz or laminate; beautiful; no two pieces of wood will ever look the same, making yours an original piece.


Granite worktops are an increasingly popular choice in kitchens because of their wide array of style options and minimal maintenance needs. While granite counters may look beautiful, their durability makes them great for busy kitchens as they naturally resist heat, scratches, and bacteria buildup. However, you should remember that they can be very heavy, so using a trivet may be prudent when cooking on them.

Granite can be found all around the world in various shades and forms. The hue is determined by the minerals present within it. There are two primary forms of granite: slab and pre-produced. Slab granite comes from one piece of rock cut from one rock mass; pre-produced granite, on the other hand, is mass-produced and more affordable. No matter which form you choose, however, it is always wise to view actual countertops before making a purchasing decision, as some granites contain large patterns that won’t show up as clearly in small samples.

Selecting an ideal kitchen worktop is key to successful home renovation. Your decision will impact both your personal style and home value; high-end materials like granite countertops can increase value by adding luxury and elegance to the space, as well as adding sophistication that attracts prospective buyers. They come in various colours, from earth tones to green hues, so you’re sure to find a match for any colour scheme within your home, but please keep in mind that some colours may fade over time.


Quartz surfaces are an increasingly popular choice for kitchens thanks to their combination of stunning looks and practicality. Quartz is extremely durable and comes in an impressive range of colours; furthermore, it’s bacteria-resistant and easy to keep clean; simply wipe down with warm soapy water (we recommend Fairy Liquid!) using a cloth or sponge and keep looking brand new!

Quartz kitchen worktops can be ordered constructed using crushed quartz bonded with resins and pigments to form an attractive surface. Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on Earth, capable of withstanding heat, impact, scratches, and stains, making it the ideal material to have in a kitchen where pastry rolls out easily while cake mixes are mixed up quickly, spills are quickly wiped up clean, and spillages are easily cleared away.

Quartz, as a man-made product, offers more colour choices than natural stones like granite and marble. Furthermore, it can be easily formed into various shapes and patterns to give any kitchen its own distinctive style; mica and other reflective minerals give its surface the starry night sky effect that sets quartz apart.

Quartz is easier to care for than either granite or marble, which are natural materials taken directly from the earth and have natural weaknesses such as lower resistance to stains, heat, and impact damage, as well as discoloration when overexposed to direct sunlight. In order to help prevent this damage, it should be sealed annually with a protective sealant.


Laminate worktops were once seen as affordable alternatives to more luxurious materials, but advancements in laminate engineering now make them a reliable middle-ground option. Composed of layers of impregnated paper, melamine (a plastic), and fiberboard, laminate worktops offer stylishness while being waterproof, heat-resistant, and hygienic and come in an assortment of colours, designs, and textures to meet any kitchen decor style, including laminates with seamless surfaces designed specifically to prevent water absorption and spills.

High-quality laminates can emulate the appearance of many natural materials, from marble to wood, without breaking your budget. To protect your investment and ensure its long life, opt for worktops backed by warranties against staining and scratches.

Laminate’s easy maintenance makes it one of its main selling points; spills can be easily wiped away without seeping through and becoming embedded within the worktop—just a quick wipe after every use is all it takes to keep them looking their best!

Alternative materials to consider for kitchen surfaces include hard-wearing laminate surfaces textured to look like stone or wood, such as Formica Zenith, which comes equipped with an antibacterial coating and a lifetime guarantee against stains and scratches.

Wood kitchen worktops are an increasingly popular choice, thanks to their versatility and cost-effective nature. Wood can be stained, oiled, or painted to match any kitchen style, plus there are also reclaimed surfaces such as school desks and scaffold boards available, giving your worktop that rustic, homey feeling! But keep in mind that wood can expand and contract in response to changes in humidity; therefore, it should be treated regularly with oil for optimal performance.


Glass worktops have quickly become an increasingly popular feature in designer kitchens, adding an exclusive, sophisticated appearance. Not only are they extremely durable, but they can be custom-shaped to your kitchen layout; maintenance is simple with hot water or a pH-neutral cleaner, and any spills can easily be wiped clean away with ease. Glass can even be shaped to create beautiful back splashes for additional colour in your space!

Glass countertops can be made of clear glass or tinted to produce various hues, such as blues, browns, and reds. Or alternatively, crushed glass may add unique colours and textures to your kitchen countertops, even giving them a rustic charm!

Glass worktops are highly reflective and an excellent way to brighten up dark kitchens, making them an excellent option for modern and minimalist designs. Easy to maintain and wipe clean using warm water and a soft cloth, glass worktops also withstand sudden temperature changes without breaking or cracking, making them the ideal solution.

Tempered glass countertops can also be an environmentally friendly choice as they use recycled material. Furthermore, this sturdy and long-term material outshines traditional granite options, which are more susceptible to chipping and scratching.

Glass may be an extremely durable material, but it isn’t completely heatproof and may become damaged if exposed directly to hot pots or cups, such as boiling pans. Therefore, it is imperative that worktops covered in glass be protected with suitable protective sheets. Use protective pads when placing hot objects on them for an even safer surface! Additionally, you can sand and repolish it regularly to keep it looking brand new for a long period of time.

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